What is a Vegetable Juice Fast?

What is a Vegetable Juice Fast and why do I need to do it?

As with any other medical process I want to say that before following any instructions here, make sure you speak with your medical practitioner to make sure that a vegetable juice fast won't make you sick or initiate / provoke a serious medical condition.

Ok so let's break up the three words "Vegetable" "Juice" "Fast" is a fast (as in fasting) in which you only consume organic / natural fresh vegetable juices. A Vegetable Juice fast can be one day long or a maximum of 40 days long (depending on your capacity and endurance).

How does a Vegetable Juice Fast Help?
It really depends on your motivation on what you want to do, but a Vegetable Juice Fast is the best way to naturally detoxify and heal your body. Ever since your birth, you have been eating stuff - that is not always healthy, you have been in polluted areas, have smoked, drank, consumed chemicals through fruits, vegetables, steroids and other growth hormones through meats, poultry and even dairy, mercury through seafood like fish, etc and the list goes on. Your body has the ability to clean itself totally, and heal the damages done by these "elements" (now on referred to as toxins). But to heal itself, your body needs two things - 1. Energy to put to good use and 2. Time off from other activities that drain out energy.

A Vegetable Juice is a source of energy but due to the fact that it is a juice, it does not require your body to spend any energy for digesting the food, so your body stores the energy it would have used for digestion (which by the way is a lot of energy and a lot of time the body needs to break up all the food into energy and store it). So by consuming only Vegetable Juice, you are giving (what may be called) Pre Digested Food, which gives energy to your body and also saves it hours worth of time that it would have spent in digesting your solid foods.

This energy is then used by the body to start the healing process. So imagine your stomach screaming to your other organs like - Liver, Lungs, Kidneys, Pancreas, Heart and even Brain - "Hey Guys, I have some extra energy which I am going to distribute evenly among all of you, start the long due healing now, and do it fast before we exhaust it". That's really what happens. Your body then starts working like never before, The lungs start getting rid of all the toxins right away, so does your liver and other organs. They just clean clean and clean till either all the toxins are removed, or till the body runs out of energy. And sure enough, this process is called "Detoxification".

Now as cool as it sounds, the detoxification process is not that 'kool'. Depending on the level of toxins you have in your system, your body runs out of energy very soon and your stomach, after digesting the old food, starts demanding more food. So till the time you have food in your colon, you will feel hungry and crave food. Usually the first day is the worst and you crave food till the 3rd day. By the end of the third day your colon gets completely clean and no more cravings, but then you keep running out of energy often and need to keep feeding yourself so your body is always well supplied for. A glass of juice sipped over a period of one hour makes you feel better than just gulping it down right then and there.

Getting back to the point, this fasting has its incomparable benefits like Natural Detoxification and a tremendous weight loss (a 40 day juice fast would make you lose around 50 Lbs). Other benefits include slowing down the aging process significantly and a much healthier, lighter and more full of energy lifestyle. People who have done this fast for more than 11 days say that they have felt spiritual enlightenment, which could be true, because your body is cleaning itself and healing old injuries and scars to make your body like it was the day you were born. So having such a clean body would make you feel so great.

    However it is very important for you to know that this fast makes its presence felt to people around you:
  • The first thing that happens is that you need to run to the bathroom very often. Some water weight gets released by the body, so every few hours (if not minutes), you need to go and empty your bladder.

  • Next comes bad breath. Well, there is nowhere else for the Lungs to throw the toxins, so they come out through your mouth in the form of bad breath. You may even see a yellowish or brownish layer on your tongue. The taste of the mouth doesn't feel bad though, just the breath. And this lasts for around 2-3 days.

  • The skin takes out the toxins through the pores of your body, so sweat is another factor and it smells bad, since it mostly contains toxins, and also toxins come out of the skin in form of pimples or boils as toxins are removed from the blood.

  • Some people also experience headaches and weakness after a few days. The weakness happens due to the body pulling out toxins from your muscles making you weak (so supplements are recommended) and the headache can be caused for any reason, including weakness, nausea, etc.

  • When on a vegetable juice fast, you don't want to run or walk too much. A nice long walk is a good idea, but aggressive walking would drain your energy and you will not get the same results as you expect. The idea is to let the body take as much energy as it takes. Remember, this is not something you will be doing every month or two, so be nice to the body and once you do this fast right, the next time it would be easier.