Day Two on the 40 Day Vegetable Juice Fast

Day 2 on the 40 Day Vegie Juice Fast
May 20, 2009.
Starting Weight: 224lbs
Ending Weight: 222Lbs
Blood Pressure: 115/72

The second day is always better than the first day, but worse than the 3rd, so I started my day with a blast. Woke up fresh, started my day early, got a chance to soak myself in hot water for some time, which was good. Since my body is working hard to cleanse itself, the dip was definitely worth it.

Had a nice breakfast today - Carrots, Cucumbers, Parsley, Ginger and Celery - but in a juice form :)

Filled up a big jug with the Carrot - Cucumber - Parsley - Ginger - Celery Juice. The name might sound kind of looooong but it tasted awesome. I drank 3 full glasses of this juice throughout the day along with 4 bottles of water. I also drank 1 V8 (a ready made vegetable juice) and had a few sips of a vegie soup in the evening.

My energy level stayed pretty good throughout the day. I don't remember having even one food craving today but did feel a slight temptation when I went to a cafe. It is the smell of food that attracts you, and believe me, food never smelled as good.

I haven't felt low in energy or weak yet, but I am expecting it any time now. It does hit you and lowers your metabolism but maybe due to the prep fast, it did not kick in. I stayed fresh throughout the day as I did not consume any toxic foods, and sure enough had to "run" to the restroom 3 times in the evening. We have to understand that the body is constantly healing itself so keeping a low profile is important. This is why I decided to not work out during this fast.

I did get a little stressed out in the evening due to some work related issues, which must have interfered with the cleansing / healing process, but other than that everything is okay. I slept great both nights, and even during the 3 day prep fast, I remember I slept very well. I am a workaholic, I work 16-18 hours a day, but I feel that anyone who has more time to sleep like a good 8-10 hours, should see better results with this diet as they are giving more rest to their body. I just couldn't find time to rest enough, but hopefully I'll try to hit the bed earlier on the weekends and try to wake up late. Since my body is using all the energy as it could to cleanse and heal the body, resting will definitely help more.

Ending Weight on Day 2: 222 Lbs so it was a total of 5 pound loss in 2 days (not bad). I am still not very excited because more of this is water weight and also weight from foods in colon, which tends to come back after a few days of your breaking the fast. Anything after this is what I can expect to keep off by going on a healthy eating system and by eating more "negative calorie foods".

What are Negative Calorie Foods
There is nothing like a negative calorie food, in reality, but there are some foods that require you to burn more calories than what they provide. For example, if you ate a cookie that takes 50 calories to burn but provides you 100 calories, your total calorie gain is 50 calories. But you ate an apple, that provides 110 calories but requires 180 calories for your body to break and digest the food, you have a decrease of 70 calories. These foods, that reduce your calorie count, are termed "Negative Calorie Foods".

Some examples are apples, asparagus , beets , broccoli , cabbage (green), carrots, cauliflower, celery , chicory , chili peppers , cranberries, cucumbers, endive, garlic, lettuce , grapefruit, lemons, mangos, onions , oranges, papayas , pineapple, raspberries, spinach, strawberries, tangerines, turnip and zucchini.

I am now headed into my third day, so stay tuned and feel free to give me your feedback.