Day Three on the 40 Day Vegetable Juice Fast

Day 3 on the 40 Day Vegie Juice Fast
May 21, 2009.
Starting Weight: 222lbs
Ending Weight: 220Lbs
Blood Pressure: 114/72

Alright ... so the 3rd day ended at 220Lbs which means a total of 7 Lbs loss in 3 days (72 hours) of vegetable fasting. Now, if I include the 3 day prep fast it would mean a total loss of 17 Lbs in 6 fasting days (as I lost 10+ Lbs in the 3 day Prep fast). That sure feels good but I have another 5 Lbs to drop before I come back to my average weight before I started working out and quit cigarettes.

As per the detoxification, there is a big improvement in a lot of things. For example I did not crave food at all, neither did I feel like I was doing something unusual by not eating. I had quite a lot of juice and felt as normal as I feel on days when I am eating. No weakness, no pains, no cramps or anything of any sort. As I am headed into the 4th day now, I am very confident that I will easily make it to the 40th day, rather I am looking forward to it (unless something happens that makes me change my mind). The arriving long weekend, a get together of friends on Friday night and a concert on Saturday night followed by a family get together on Sunday will be difficult to deal with as I am not eating anything and it is an absolute NO NO to alcohol. The body, in this phase, is very vulnerable to toxins right now and whatever I consume will go and hit hard. So I must make sure I stay away from any toxic food / beverage / environment.

These social events make me feel like - "Oh Come on ... couldn't all this be when I am not fasting" but the fact is that It is when it is. So I have to deal with it. There is no way that anyone I am associated with would make me eat or drink anything forcefully just for kicks, so that's one less thing to worry about :). But other than that, physically and mentally I am feeling totally up to it.

The unwanted "add on's" that come with this fast - bad breath, heavy sweating, frequent urination, pimples / oily skin, etc has all decreased. Actually I did not have heavy sweating or pimples, etc, which could mean that my lungs were the ones that were affected the most (and more than a decade of chain smoking would justify that). I feel light, felt fresh in the morning when I woke up and rather too fresh, as I just jumped out of bed and was on the move (full of energy). So it is possible that I am drinking too much juice that my body has extra energy to spare. As much as I love this feeling, I don't want to overload my body with juices so I will have to start drinking less juice now.

There is a balance that needs to be maintained in how much, and how little juice your drink. You don't want to drink so less that your body doesn't have energy to heal itself, neither do you want to drink so much that the body needs go get busy putting all that juice away. Just by not exerting too much, and drinking an adequate amount of vegetable juice will do it.

Negative Physical or Mental Symptoms
There were no major negative symptoms that would alarm me. But yes I did feel my stomach cramping in the evening for some time. Interestingly I felt as if my stomach was kind of moving in circles and sure enough, a few minutes after that I had to run to the restroom and it felt like my stomach wants to get rid of whatever is left from before. Mostly fiber from the juices and whatever would have been in there from earlier. Besides that, since a few days I've had blood clots in my nose that do bother me sometimes and as I do Neti, it clears my system but it comes back after a few hours. Continuous Neti would help me fix it. I am sure it is not due to the fast, but due to some allergy I may have due to pollination.

Mentally I only feel better, more confident, lighter, full of energy. I did have some trouble concentrating on work during the day but it was mostly because of some very bad news that came my way stressing me out. So I can't say if it was the juice or the news.

Other than that, there is nothing else that I could add to this day. It was better than the previous two days and my food cravings or the feeling of being hungry has vanished and if it stays like this, then I won't have any issue going forward. It is a very interesting process though, I am not feeling hungry, neither am I starving, still I am being healed from within and am shedding weight so fast naturally. All I could say is that "I wish, I knew what I know now, when I was younger" :)

Wait for more updates for the 4th day as I am on it now. I have added some information to get you started, will add some more soon so if you haven't already, bookmark this site.